Gallery Update

I want to thank all of you for putting up with the gallery while I was putting all the pictures back. As of this moment only three events are missing and I’ll get to those as soon as I figure out where I put my CD of pictures. The gallery is once more whole and there’s even a few new pictures. I’ve added pictures from the 2005 Women’s World Awards, the 2005 Women’s World Awards Press Conference and the 2005 Women’s World Awards Luncheon (or that’s what it appears to be). I have about 300 new pictures to add to the gallery so I’ll be working on that.If anyone managed to take pictures at any of the book signings, I’d love to post them. I know we weren’t allowed to take any when she signed at Book Soup but I don’t know if it was like that at the other signings as well.

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I’ve compiled a list of Teri’s tv appearances (and one taping) for this month. If you know of another show or a change in the airdate, please let me know.May 1 – 40 Hottest Over 40 on VH1May 2 – Oprah on ABC (don’t forget After the Show on Oxygen)May 3 – Good Morning America on ABCMay 4 – Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBCMay 5 – Regis and Kelly on ABCMay 8 – 40 Hottest Over 40 on VH1May 10 – Inside the Actors Studio taping (might be moved to May 30)May 11 – Late Show with David Letterman on CBSMay 12 – The View on ABCMay 17 – Fabulous Life Of… on VH1

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Burnt Toast Merchandise

In addition to the book tour (see previous news entry), there is also Burnt Toast merchandise at the Official Burnt Toast Store

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Book Tour

I’ve been asked about other places Teri will be signing her book and there are three in store book signings.May 2 at 6 at Book Soup on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood May 9 at 7 at Borders Books on Westwood Blvd. in Los AngelesMay 11 at 12:30 at Barnes & Noble on Fifth Avenue in New YorkHyperion has a list of tour dates for Teri but so far the three listed above are the extent of her book tour thus far.If anyone attends and has a chance to take pictures, I’d love to post them here.

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Eye Injury

Teri Hatcher was injured on the Desperate Housewives set Tuesday when a light bulb exploded and shards lodged in the actress’ eye, People reports. “Glass lodged in my right eye and proceeded to scratch my cornea,” she told the magazine. “I was taken to a wonderful eye doctor, and now am wearing a most glamorous eye patch over the right half of my face. “I’m in some pain, but trying to see the humor in the oddity of it all. No one was at fault,” she said. Hatcher said she expects to be away from the set for just two days, resuming production on Thursday. “I like to look at the positive,” she said, “and the good news is, the cornea is the fastest healing tissue in the body.” Still, there was a downside to the injury–other than the obvious, that is. Hatcher was forced to cancel an appearance at the AmberWatch Foundation launch party in Los Angeles after being temporarily taken out of commission. The actress, who herself recently disclosed a history of childhood abuse, is the new spokesperson for the organization, dedicated to prevent child abduction and molestation. Hatcher better heal fast. In addition to wrapping up the second season of Desperate Housewives, the actress is prepping to jump on the promotional trail for her upcoming book that’s one part memoir, one part practical advice. In Burnt Toast and Other Philosophies of Life, the 41-year-old actress talks candidly about her personal life, in particular her difficulty in finding a man. “People expect that if you’re pretty, successful, the boyfriend mission should be easy,” she writes in her book. “I never though I’d be [over] 40 and have no one to go to dinner with, nor someone who loves me and whom I trust, but here I am. Sad but true.” The book hits stores May 2.

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