Teri Interview

There is an interview with Teri in Hollywood Life magazine. Here is part of the interview:Terrifically TeriShe’s on top of her game careerwise thanks to Desperate Housewives, but that doesn’t mean Teri Hatcher has a breezy, easy life. Days before meeting Teri Hatcher for Sunday lunch at Art’s Deli in Studio City, I know exactly where she’ll be coming from (a horseback riding competition with Emerson Rose, her 8-year-old daughter with her ex-husband, actor Jon Tenney) and where she’ll be going to afterwards (the first table read for season three of the show that resurrected her career, Desperate Housewives). I know all this because Hatcher told me herself, over a series of e-mails. See, Teri Hatcher doesn’t have a publicist. She sets up her interviews and photo shoots herself. In 15 years of chatting up stars, I’ve never encountered anyone who does that, let alone one of the highest-paid, most written-about actors on TV. And it’s not like Hatcher’s been off-the-radar lately with nothing to talk about. In March, the 41-year-old Golden Globe winner made headlines by revealing that she had been sexually abused from the age of 5 for several years by her then-uncle, Richard Stone, and that in 2002, she assisted prosecutors in indicting Stone for a more recent molestation, one that led his female victim to commit suicide at 14. Then, in May, she released her first book, Burnt Toast and Other Philosophies of Life, a memoir/self-help book about the struggle women have to balance caring for others while not settling for scraps themselves. It became a New York Times bestseller. She handled all that–and the usual tabloid craziness–without a publicist? What is she thinking? Q: Since this is our Hollywood Style Issue, how much pressure is it to come up with the killer look for a big event? A: It’s not pressure if you like it. Part of this business is being critiqued when you walk down a red carpet. All you can do is walk out of your house feeling like you like what you’re in. It’s never lovely to have people snub what you’re wearing, but if I like it, I still like it. Q: Are you ever not in the mood to pull it together and dress up for events? A: Compared to other burdens in life, it’s not much, but sure, yeah. When it feels like that, I call it putting on the Teri Hatcher costume. That’s part of my job, too, so that’s all right. Q: If the whole Housewives cast is going to an event, do you confer beforehand to make sure you’re not clashing or wearing the same dress? A: Not at all. Nobody does with anybody. I think it’s because sometimes it can be a very last minute thing. Everybody just has to wear what they’re comfortable in. I think it would be great if we all wore white to something. Q: What has it been like doing book signings for Burnt Toast and interacting with your fans? A: I’ve always liked interacting with people. Sometimes you only get 30 seconds with a person but those 30 seconds can be really intense. I can see it in someone’s eyes when they feel the need to share something. I remember one girl, a college student. I could see the tears welling up in her eyes and I knew what she had to say. I held her hand and said, “It’s OK.”

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Media Fixed

I was notified that the Paul O’Grady video files wouldn’t work. I have fixed it, and they should download fine now!

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Gallery Update

I added or rather re-added the pictures from Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary Celebration. I misplaced them when I moved the site to this domain but I discovered them a while ago and finally re-added them. Disneyland Pictures

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TV Appearances

If you missed Teri on Inside the Actor’s Studio yesterday, there are still several more chances to watch it. In addition to Inside the Actor’s Studio, Teri will also be on Leno Thursday. Below is a list of all Teri’s TV Appearances for this month. Please check your local listings for the appropriate times.Sep 21 – Leno on NBCSep 22 – Inside the Actors Studio on BravoSep 23 – Inside the Actors Studio on BravoSep 24 – Inside the Actors Studio on BravoOct 11 – Inside the Actors Studio on Bravo

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GLAAD Media Awards

I have added a few more pictures to the GLAAD Media Awards album.

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