DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star TERI HATCHER is in no rush to walk down the aisle – because she’s enjoying single life too much to worry about marrying. The twice-divorced actress, 43, has a 10-year-old daughter, Emerson Rose, from her nine-year marriage to actor Jon Tenney and insists she’s content with her batchelorette status. Hatcher says, “There are plenty of men in my life, and they’re all special. Seriously – I’m doing fine just the way I am. “The other day I was talking to a girlfriend who was turning 40. I asked her how she was feeling about it, and she said, ‘It’s funny, when I was 39, I was going through all the stress of, oh God, I’m not married, I haven’t done this or that… But now I’m actually 40, I feel great. I feel powerful, like I’ve lived and learned a lot.’ “And she was right. It was good to be reminded of that.”

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Hatcher treats herself with diamonds

Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher has received a diamond ring from one of her greatest admirers – herself.The 43-year-old, who is one of the highest-paid women on U.S. TV, saved up gift coupons to buy the Cartier ring she has been seen wearing on the third finger of her right hand.She says, “It was a gift to celebrate a rather special occasion… It was a gift from me, to me, to celebrate me! “I’m not kidding. I get given a lot of little gift certificates in my work and I decided to save them up to buy something big.”I’m a good saver, so I took three years and saved up a million small certificates, then I went down to the store about a minute before they all expired and I got this! It’s an example of what you can do if you save!”

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Small Gallery Update

Just a small update today (100 pictures). It amazing how quickly I accumulate pictures. I had just cleared my computer of pretty much all the stuff I had to upload and within, like, 2 weeks I’ve already got a ton of stuff ready to be added.[9] How the Grinch Stole Christmas Opening Night[26] 2007 ABC Upfronts[9] High School Musical Ice Tour[6] Vienna Photoshoot[6] GLAAD Media Awards[7] Vienna Opera Ball[3] Dream Halloween Under the Big Top[12] Home and Abroad Charity Event[14] Dreamgirls Premiere[8] Desperate Housewives Season 3 Episode Stills

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Desperate Housewives News

Since the writers have a new deal and have gone back to work, most shows will finish what’s left of their season, meaning we’ll get a few more episodes of Desperate Housewives. According to ABC might tentatively beginning airing new episodes of Desperate Housewives on April 6th. Rumor is, the writers are condensing 13 episodes’ worth of plot into 7. Should make the rest of the season interesting.

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Gallery Update

I have added over 140 pictures to the gallery. They are from the following:Home and Abroad Charity Event – 17th December 2007 (x05)Screen Actors Guild Awards – 27th January 2008 (x90)Keep Memory Alives Power of Love Gala – 9th February (x44)Vienna Opera Ball – 31st January (x10)

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