Teri Hatcher Fears European Paparazzi

Teri Hatcher finds European paparazzi frightening – after her friend was aggressively threatened by photographers in France.The 43-year-old Desperate Housewives star was visiting Paris to celebrate her co-star Eva Longoria Parker’s lavish wedding to Nba star Tony Parker last July (07) when she was surrounded by a “swarm” of photographer taking pictures of the wedding’s celebrity guests.But the star insists the media intrusion went too far after snappers turned on her friend who had politely asked them to stop – prompting a torrent of undeserved expletives and threats on his life.She explains, “I had a kind of scary time when I was in France for Eva’s (Longoria Parker) wedding. I was out with a French friend and my daughter Emerson, and we were kind of swarmed by papas.”My friend said to them, nicely, ‘Would you please stop now? She’s with her daughter. This is too much.’ They swore at him in French and told him the would punch him in the face and kill him. That’s not so great but that’s not the norm”.

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Hatcher: ‘I feel bad being divorced’

‘Desperate Housewives’ star Teri Hatcher hates life as a divorcee – because she is scared her 10-year-old daughter Emerson is missing out on a stable upbringing.The star split from her second husband Jon Tenny in 2003 when their daughter was six years old – and the actress is concerned about the effects their break up has had on Emerson in the four years since their divorce.She tells Britain’s Heat magazine: “It comes up with other school mums. You know, we talk. I’ll get asked stuff, like: ‘Is it difficult for her?’ I feel horrible about being divorced. That’s her life also and it’s not great, having to go back and forth from her dad’s.”So I think when you have situations that sort of just are – you can’t change that I’m famous – then it’s really your job to concentrate on how to make this work in a positive way. We have a little rule: I don’t really have pictures taken with people when I’m with her.”

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Actress TERI HATCHER has been baking tasty treats for her pal FELICITY HUFFMAN on the set of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.The 43-year-old star recalls how Huffman persuaded her to bake a cake – but cheekily took the credit it for it after presenting it to her husband, actor William H. Macy.She says, “I made Felicity a pie. For some reason, she had to have a pie. And I was like, ‘I’ll make it’.”She e-mailed me afterwards and said, ‘Bill loved it. I didn’t’ tell him who made it – I took credit, and the brownie points are going to last me a year.Thank you very much.’

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American Idol Gives Back

According to Greg Grunberg (Heroes), Teri will be joining Band from TV on American Idol Gives Back. It’ll air April 9 on Fox, so set your TiVo and don’t miss it.

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New Layout

Hi everyone. I’ve been working on getting a new layout up for the entire site. It’s taken awhile what with work and not feeling creative, but it’s finally all up. I think I’ve worked out all the bugs but if you happen to find anything that’s not working, please let us know. Every single part of this site has a new coordinated layout. The PRESS ARCHIVE, VIDEO ARCHIVE and GALLERY all feature a layout that, while different, still matches with the rest of the site. I’ve moved a few things around so you might have to look for a thing or two but for the most part everything is exactly where it was. I also added the alerts feature that’s on the left sidebar. I’m not sure how it’ll go but I thought I’d give it a try. If anyone knows when Teri’s going to be on TV or featured in a magazine, let us know so we can update the alerts box. I think that’s it. So what do you think?

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