• Full Name: Teri Lynn Hatcher

• DOB: December 8, 1964

• Born in Sunnyvale, CA

• Father: Owen Hatcher a nuclear physicist

• Mother: Esther Hatcher a computer programmer

• nickname: Hatch

• height: 5’6″

• childhood heroines: her mom, Lucielle Ball and Mary Tyler Moore

• captain of Fremont High School’s drill team, the Featherettes

• voted most likely to become a Solid Gold Dancer in high school

• went to DeAnza college were she majored in mathematics and engineering

• 1984 Gold Rush member – San Francisco 49ers cheerleading squad

• was once taught by Annette Bening while studying at the American Conservatory Theatre

• first professional acting job was as a mermaid on The Love Boat

• spouses: Marcus Leithold (1988-1989), Jon Tenney (1994-2003)

• 1 child: Emerson Rose

• was once the most downloaded woman on the internet

• superpowers she like to have are x-ray vision and superspeed

• wrote the episode It’s a Small World for Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

• enjoys playing golf

• only person to get a hole in one on Later with Greg Kinnear (golf ball into a bucket)

• Brainsmasher: A Love Story, All Tied Up, and Tango and Cash made it onto Arts & Entertainment channel’s magazine’s bad movie title list.

• screen tested for the role of Jamie Buchman on Mad About You

• first person to win the SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series for a show that had not yet completed it’s first season

• Favorites
flower – tulips
movies – Tootsie and Pulp Fiction
ice cream – banana split with chocolate, jamoca and pecan praline - Privacy Policy - DMCA