For the star of TV’s Lois & Clark, a healthful lifestyle is not about leaping tall buildings, but hauling groceries up the stairs. It’s difficult to imagine actress Teri Hatcher operating a snack shop in a mall, but it could’ve happened.

“Right before I got Lois & Clark, I was thinking about opening a muffin store,” said the 31-year-old actress, who plays the scrappy Lois Lane on the ABC show. “I was going to be the Mrs. Fields of muffins” – low-fat muffins, that is.

“I was experimenting with fat-free and sugar-free baking, and it was amazing to me. I’d go through that old Betty Crocker cookbook that we all have; with most of those recipes, you take the fat right out and nothing changes – the texture or the moistness. I think it was a giant scam – like from Crisco or somebody – saying, ‘Add all this (fat).’ ” Eliminating fat and eating nutritiously may be priorities for Hatcher, but cooking is on the back burner because of her 75-hour workweek on Lois & Clark, which is filmed in Los Angeles.

“One night last week, I thought I was going to get off work early. I thought, ‘I’ll really be the wife (Hatcher’s married to actor Jon Tenney), I’ll make this great, healthy gourmet dinner.’ I love to do that. It’s relaxing, and it also makes you feel good to do something for your husband . . . once in a while.”

Instead, she finished working at 8 p.m. “So after working 12 hours, I went home, stuffed and roasted a chicken with tarragon and other herbs, made a penne pasta with artichokes, tomatoes, and garlic, and (made) a salad with feta cheese. It was 11 p.m. when we sat down to eat.” Hatcher also enjoys her weekend leisure time healthfully. Breakfasts featuring her almost-famous muffins or homemade fat-free waffles energize her for a 7 a.m. tee time with pals. Afternoons are for tending her expansive organic-vegetable garden. She’s also a firm believer in weight training and aerobics.

“Being physically fit is about feeling healthy and less about fitting into a size 4 or whatever. Can you run up a hill, go scuba diving, ski down a mountain, or carry the groceries up three flights of stairs? If I ever couldn’t do those things, it would be a big warning sign to me.” Then again, she could just call Superman. - Privacy Policy - DMCA