I met Teri Hatcher, otherwise known to millions of television fans as Lois Lane, years ago when she had a part in the movie Soapdish.

It starred Sally Field and Robert Downey Jr. and it bombed at the theatres. I remember thinking she was a flake at the time because when I walked in the room she was crying over a fight she’d had with her boyfriend. But the creature I encountered in New York recently was nothing like that.

She is now charming, poised, and beautifully groomed with a freshly cut page boy and large, dark, serious eyes.

We talked about her role in the mystery thriller Heaven’s Prisoners which opens in Calgary today. She says her character Claudette “is a Cajun woman, married to a crime boss played by Eric Roberts. She’s very dark and has a hard soul. She’s been around the block.” When we first see Teri in the movie she is starkers. It was the first time she’d taken everything off on the big screen and she was hesitant at first. “The scene was in and out and in and out as the script evolved. I felt that it was a moment which really nailed this character. It showed just how manipulative a person would be to do that. She was so raw and had so much nerve.” I pointed out to her that it took a lot of nerve to do the scene and she chuckled. “Yeah, but everyone was very respectful. They cleared the set of all the people who didn’t have to be there. The director of photography did the most beautiful lighting. He’d wait an hour for a cloud to pass. That made me feel good. I had a robe on until they rolled the camera. Then I’d take it off and . . .” She starts to laugh at the memory. “You know it’s funny because by the end of trying to get the shot, you’re sort of like, ‘Whoooo!'” She throws her arms wide as if opening her robe. “Running around . . . you got the robe off . . . I don’t care!” - Privacy Policy - DMCA