Teri Hatcher is turning her back on acting just as she was about to break into the Hollywood big league, and all for the sake of her baby daughter.

Best known as Lois Lane in the TV version of Superman, Hatcher, 33, has a starring role in the new Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies, which is opening across America.

But she has turned down the chance of further big-money movie parts because she cannot bear to leave one-month-old Emerson Rose.

The actress, who is married to TV producer Jon Tenney, says her decision was prompted by the case of Louise Woodward, the British au pair convicted of manslaughter following the death of the child in her care.

“It reinforced my belief that parents should be the care givers,” she said.

“In a child’s first years you should be doing the interacting. If it’s a nanny, that’s where the bond relationship goes. I just feel lucky I can afford to stay at home.”

Later she said: “It’s excruciating for me to leave her. My career? Sure it’ll dip, but I don’t care . . . If you’re resentful and depressed, you’re probably not a good parent.” - Privacy Policy - DMCA