MK: How do you think V-Day will affect teenage girls today?

TH: Well I hope it will make them feel empowered to do and reach for what they want and also protected and cared for in some way by women who are older and passionate and care about solving the problem of violence against women.

MK: How do you think teenage girls can help stop the violence?

TH: Well, I think they can continue with the attitude that was pervasive at the event tonight, but you know, stopping violence is about stopping the mentality of the violator, it’s sort of like what was so beautiful about that monologue my short skirt which was, it isn’t about the violated, you know not wearing a short skirt or whatever. It’s about the mentality of the violator, and so just continuing this is not ok, I will not accept this, I count, I have worth, I have value, I know what I deserve and this is what I deserve and it’s not that. I think that’s it.

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