If you were stranded on a desert Island, what one TV show would you take with you?

“Wow, that’s harder to answer than it sounds. It would be good to have some sort of escapism, but I don’t watch a lot of television – or anything, really. I would have to trust somebody to pick something out for me. I mean, between work and being a mom, the big deal for me is when my husband [actor Jon Tenney] and I find an hour just to lie on the bed and talk. And to give up that moment to sit down and watch something- I don’t normally make that exchange.”

What about a book, then?

“I would take something handy, like The Hunting and Fishing Guide to Survival in the Wilderness. Is that an actual book? I would take that. Or maybe a book about how to build a boat.”

If you could take a restaurant with you, which would you choose?

“An entire restaurant? I would bring the Ivy at the Shore. It’s in Santa Monica – and it’s in keeping with being on an island, because it’s already on the shore. They have fabulous food. I took my girlfriend there last night. I had Key lime pie, then lobster and French fries, and then corn chowder. I ate my meal backward, starting with the dessert, because they have the best Key lime pie and I didn’t want to miss out.”

What companion would you want with you?

“It has to be only one person? Well, it has to be my husband. But I would also have to take my daughter [4-year-old Emerson Rose Tenney]. I couldn’t possibly be stranded on a desert island without both. And if I was, all I would be doing is trying to get off. So I would take the restaurant that was there, and I would knock it down, and I would use the wood to build a boat and get back to my family.”

Very clever. Any other treasured possession you’d want to have with you?

“My family and I were just talking about that very kind of thing. What if the house burned down? What would be the one thing you would run out of the house with? I mean, let’s say you got your family and your pets out – what’s left? The thing I always come back to are videos of my daughter when she was just born, and of the first time she ever laughed and the first time she sat up. I guess those are the only material possessions that really mean anything to me.” - Privacy Policy - DMCA