In palmier days, being a Hollywood star was a simple enterprise: show up at premieres looking radiant and have several husbands (even if some of those husbands weren’t yours) — in short, live a life that provides endless copy for gossip columnists. No more. These days, any TV or movie star worth her Q rating must have a clothing line, a signature perfume or a book deal. Suitable book topics include the mea culpa memoir; the beauty/exercise/diet guide; and the inspirational manifesto. “Desperate Housewives” star Teri Hatcher has chosen the inspirational route. Fans will no doubt be interested to learn that this twice-divorced and seemingly dedicated single mother is woefully short on self-confidence and has a lousy body image. They may be less enraptured by Ms. Hatcher’s determinedly artless, just-us-girls advice and observations, such as: “There is no right weight. There is only good health” and “It’s not shallow or overly self-indulgent to give yourself the present of something that makes you feel pretty.” One hesitates to dismiss “Burnt Toast” as the opportunistic fluff it is, given the author’s account of her 18-hour sob fest after a bad audition at ABC. Then again, maybe she’ll take her own advice and “behave like a winner no matter how things turn out.”

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