Teri Hatcher Rocks Swimsuit for a Cause

After posting on Facebook photos of herself right before bed, with zero makeup on, to prove she’s had no Botox, actress Teri Hatcher is now rocking a swimsuit for a good cause.

The “Desperate Housewives” star is taking part in the Malibu Triathlon this Sunday, where she’ll be teaming up with Bob Iger and “Modern Family’s” Julie Bowen.

To promote the event and raise awareness on it, the star has decided to upload photos of her in a swimsuit, as she’s about to take a plunge in the pool.

On her bathing suit, she has a note reading “Sophia, this one’s for you!,” Sophia being a patient at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, which also benefits from money raised with the triathlon.

In comments to the photos that all show a glowing, all naturelle Teri, the star explains why she’s taking part in the triathlon, as well as urges her friends to donate to the hospital.

“I received a letter today from the father of a young patient at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles,” Teri begins by saying.

“This is the charity benefiting from the coming Sunday’s Malibu Triathlon in which I am tackling the swim portion of a Tri- Team including myself, Mr. Bob Iger and Julie Bowen,” the actress further notes.

“So after checking the water forecast, I now know that when I dive into the 60 degree shoreline at 7am for a purely adrenaline based swim, they’ll be one beautiful girl to reach stroke after stroke for, And that’s Sophia. Please tell your friends to donate. Even one dollar,” the actress adds.

The photos, which more than show off Teri’s amazing, toned body, combined with the initiative have generated in her fans a very warm response.

Some of them have already pledged to the cause and donated money. Others, however, are too caught up in admiring her fabulous figure for the time being – but will probably donate once they’re over the initial moment of shock.

For more information on the triathlon, Teri Hatcher’s cause and her amazing photos, see her Facebook profile here.  [SOURCE]

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