Desperate Housewives: Wisteria Lane Welcomes a New Family

En route to the upcoming return of Desperate Housewives, we already know that another family – or a housewife – is set to move into Wisteria Lane in replacement of the departed Nicollette Sheridan.

Brand new housewife Drea de Matteo, who’ll play Angie Vitale, revealed, however, that it’s not her who’d be bringing trouble to the suburban neighborhood, but his underage charmer of a son Beau Mirchoff who will shake things up. Such troubles can be about anything – from going for the gay neighbors to romancing the returning Julie (Andrea Bowen). Here’s hoping for the former.

Speaking of whom, Bowen tells ET Online that after spending time away, people will be “surprised” at who she ends up with. “Technically, I have been at Princeton and then graduate school. I come back with secrets of my own.”

The man of the family, for his part, meanwhile revealed to no one’s surprise that the Vitale’s have a dark secret. Jeffrey Nordling, who’ll play Nick, said his character on Desperate Housewives, “is not from these parts.” He added that midway, “something happened” and “it is not quite witness protection, but …”

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