Lack of Updates

Sorry for the lack of updates lately.  I got a new computer and just now got all my stuff organized on it.  Updates should be more frequent now that everything is in working order.

I’ve capped all the MacGyver episodes Teri was in, so look for those later this week.

By Krystle on November 18, 2008 under Site1 comment

suzie said:

Just wanted to say that your website is always great, it’s a real pleasure to see all the updates … It’s awesome, it’s well done …

I love taking a look at the gallery …

and by the way, i’m doing a few music videos, and, i do take some pics from this site … but, i swear i give the source in the descrption of the video, so i hope it’s ok with you 😉

have a nice day … oh, and it was teri’s birthday on the 8th of Deccember ;p

December 15th, 2008

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