Teri Hatcher and James Denton Talk About Their Desperate Housewives Wedding

Teri Hatcher and James Denton, cast members on Desperate Housewives who plays Susan Mayer and Mike Delfino, reveals their sentiments about their onscreen wedding, which will be featured on Sunday’s episode at 9/8C on ABC.In the previous episode of Desperate Housewives, viewers learned that Susan decided to marry Mike instead of Ian, played by Dougray Scott. However, Gabby, played by Eva Longoria, took the opportunity to use Susan’s wedding to get married to Victor, played by John Slattery. Gabby offered $10,000 when Susan objected to the idea. After much arguing, the two girls eventually made up.The question is what will now happen to Susan’s wedding? According Hatcher, Susan will get married in the forest on Sunday. “I think it is a scene that is really sweet and very simple,” Hatcher has told ET Online. “After three years of waiting, I feel the audience will be satisfied. When we did the read-through of the script, Felicity [Huffman] was at the other end of the table and she went, ‘Ah.’ I thought, if you can make Felicity Huffman, go ‘ah,’ you’re good.” As for Denton, he is a little worried about what will be next for Susan and Mike. He has told ET, “Unlike my marriage where the flame never died, in this TV marriage, it is something that I am concerned about. I think the writers are concerned, too, because you don’t want to jump the shark. You want people to still be really fascinated with them.” On the other hand, Denton is aware that this TV marriage will bring forth a new saga to the drama. “Mike is going to be such a fish out of water with Julie [Susan’s daughter], I think there is going to be a lot of comedy from that. Plus, Mike still has a lot of stuff in his past that may come back to be a little difficult for them,” he has added.

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