Desperate Housewives screencaptures

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: The Complete 7th Season of Desperate Housewives comes out on DVD August 30th.

GALLERY: I’m in the process of organizing the gallery so it’s a bit funky looking at the moment. It’ll be a couple days before I get a chance to finish it.

Desperate Housewives season four screencaptures have been added to the gallery. All 17 episodes are complete.

• Television > Desperate Housewives > Season Four

VIDEOS: I’ve finished adding all my pictures (check recent uploads) so I’ll start working on the media archive next.

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Film and TV Screencaptures

GALLERY: I’m not sure where the motivation came from to update THO but I’m not questioning it. I’m starting with gallery stuff because it’s most in need of updating. I still have 3GB of pictures to sort so updates will occur in spurts.

This update is for a bunch of film/tv captures I’ve added.

• Home > Film > 2 Days in the Valley > Screencaptures
• Home > Film > The Big Picture > Screencaptures
• Home > Film > Resurrecting the Champ > Screencaptures
• Home > Film > Since You’ve Been Gone > Screencaptures
• Home > Film > Straight Talk > Screencaptures

• Home > Television > Quantum Leap > 1.03 Star-Crossed – June 15, 1972
• Home > Television > Murphy Brown > 2.24 Fax or Fiction
• Home > Television > Desperate Housewives Seasons 1-7 Promos and Episode Stills

• Home > Movie Premieres > Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

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