Tango & Cash Clips

Recently I uploaded the captures of Teri in “Tango and Cash”. Today, I have added the clips. Head over to the Media Archive to see them.

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“Tango and Cash” Screencaptures

I have made screencaptures of Teri in the movie “Tango and Cash”. Be sure to check them out in the gallery!

Tango and Cash Screencaptures

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“Two and a Half Men” Screencaptures & Videos

Teri had a guest role on the “Two and a Half Men” episode “I Remember the Coatroom, I Just Don’t Remember You” in 2004. We have added screencaptures to the gallery, and 6 video clips to the Media Archive.

Two and a Half Men Screencaptures

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TNAOS Season 4 Screencaptures

I added screencaptures from episodes 9-16 to the gallery.


4.09 Ghosts
4.10 Stop the Presses
4.11 Twas the Night Before Mxymas
4.12 Lethal Weapon
4.13 Sex, Lies and Videotape
4.14 Meet John Doe
4.15 Lois and Clarks
4.16 AKA Superman

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