Teri Hatcher’s mean struggle

Teri Hatcher found it “difficult to be mean” while working on ‘Coraline’.

According to director Henry Selick, the ‘Desperate Housewives’ star could not bring herself to shout at her on-screen daughter Dakota Fanning – even though the pair were only voicing characters for the animated adventure.

He said: “Teri’s fantastic. She has a lot of range. The main thing with Teri was that it was difficult for her to be mean, because she has a great daughter and could never be that way to her own daughter.”

In the family adventure animation – which stars Dakota as the title character – Teri voiced the role of Coraline’s mother and her evil alter-ego Other Mother.

Despite struggling with the role initially, Henry – who also directed ‘James and the Giant Peach’ and ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ – says Teri quickly settled into the part.

He explained: “She was ready to take charge of the Other Mother at her most wicked and most evil. I think that was the most fun for her.”

Meanwhile, Henry was also impressed with 15-year-old Dakota’s professionalism.

He added to DigitalSpy: “I met with her one-on-one and it was fantastic – a young girl pulling at her hair and acting like a kid but talking like a seasoned pro. She brings an incredible range in her performance and believability. She’s very likeable without being sickly sweet and also very inspirational to the animators.” [SOURCE]

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Hannah Montana

So the keeping-up-to-date thing didn’t go as planned. Pictures of Teri at the Hannah Montana The Movie premiere as am apology.

30 Hannah Montana premiere pictures

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