Netflix Live! Video

I added a video from Netflix Live! Presents Band From TV to the video archive before I started working on the site but I guess I forgot to say something. Go forth and enjoy!

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Excuse the mess

You may have noticed that the site is sorta out of whack a bit. I converted the entire site to wordpress so I’ve had to re-add everything. For the most part the site is back to normal (I even imported the cutenews updates) but the audio clips are still missing and I need to tweak a few things.  But how everything is now is pretty much how it’s going to stay.  You guys like?

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Teri to present at Emmy’s

Teri, along with her Desperate Housewives’ costars, will be presenters at this years Emmy’s. The Emmy’s will air on September 21 on ABC. Don’t miss it!

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Buy Teri’s Jacket

Thanks to Clothes of Our Backs, you can place a bid on a jacket Teri wore on Desperate Housewives. The auction ends on August 27 and the current bid is $0.

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New Videos

Lots of videos added today, including the rarely seen Bally’s commericals from the early 90’s[3] Bally’s Commerical[3] Tales from the Crypt[1] The Late Show with David Letterman[1] Resurrecting the Champ Premiere[1] Tango and Cash Trailer

By Krystle on August 15, 2008 under Uncategorized • 1 comment

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