Gallery Update

It’s that time again. Miscellaneous gallery update. I’ve been putting this off for about a week because sorting through pictures is soo time consuming. It wouldn’t be so bad if I started naming my pictures correctly instead of ‘red shirt 1′ and ‘cute shoes 14′. I’ll never learn. Ok so bigger/new updates are as follows…[11] ‘Burnt Toast’ signing at Barnes & Noble[5] ‘Burnt Toast’ release party[5] Make-a-Wish Foundation[4] Leno[2] Rachel Ray[3] Disney Dream Suite[3] 1998 Harper’s & QueenAnd as usual, all new pictures can be found via the ‘last uploads’ option if you don’t want to go to all the individual albums.I’ve got a few videos to upload but I won’t be able to do that until Monday (I’m working a 10 1/2 hour shift tomorrow). I’ve also got at least one article to add to the press archive too. Sorry updating is coming in spurts but I am looking for stuff to add everyday, I just seem to hold on to it instead of posting it right away.Those of you who have sent emails, I promise to get back to you soon, probably Monday.

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Desperate Housewives Season Four on DVD

Season Four of Desperate Housewives will be available for purchase on September 2. The suggested retail value will be around $60 :wassat: so start saving your pennies. Bonus content is going to include deleted scenes, and bloopers, as well as a behind the scenes look at one of the episode, and much more. Season Four isn’t available for pre-ordering yet, but as soon as it is, I’ll let you guys know.

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Idol Gives Back

Sorry for the delay in posting the Idol Gives Back stuff but, well, work got in the way.:wink:There are 31 pictures in the GALLERY and I’ve added two VIDEOS as well. One from the rehearsal and the show itself. For someone who was really sick, she didn’t do too badly.

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7th Annual Comedy For A Cure

Teri was at the 7th Annual Comedy For A Cure event yesterday. I have added 145 pictures to the gallery!

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I have added scans from “TV and Satellite Week – 22-28 march 2008″.

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