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A revamp of the entire site is very, very slowly being done. The first entire section to be completed is the new media section. The lovely layout was made by Melanie of A lot of stuff we’ve already had, it’s just been reorganized and looks a lot better now. You can find the media section here. We’ve added some new icons, audio files as well as starting to re-add videos. A lot of working will be going into this section so look for all the new things that we’ll be constantly adding.

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Teri Hatcher hits out at movie industry for lack of family films

Actress Teri Hatcher has criticised the film industry for lack family-friendly films. Hatcher has revealed that she is really annoyed with the film industry because she can

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Teri Hatcher writing second book

Teri Hatcher has revealed that she is writing a follow-up to her autobiography.The Desperate Housewives star released her first book Burnt Toast: And Other Philosophies Of Life last year and has confirmed that she is in the process of penning another.Burnt Toast… follows the ups and downs of Hatcher’s career and relationships, but she insisted that her second effort will not be so personal.The 42-year-old told TV show Extra: “This book just goes a little further away from seeming like it’s about me and more towards the idea of how women in our society are really put upon to wear so many different hats.”It was recently reported that Burnt Toast… is to be made into a TV series in the US.

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DVD Caps

It’s been a while since I added any caps. So today I added DVD caps of Teri in the Lois and Clark episode 3.06 Don’t Tug on Superman’s Cape.

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Palace accepts apology of US TV producers


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