Hatcher to join TV husband’s celebrity band?

Teri Hatcher looks set to team up with TV husband James Denton onstage – as the newest member of his celebrity rock group Band From TV. Hatcher showed off her singing skills alongside guitarist Denton and pianist Hugh Laurie when she joined the band for a song at the recent post-Emmy Awards TV Guide party in Hollywood.And now she’s been offered more gigs.Laurie says, “I think she’s keen.”

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Emmy Awards Pictures

I’ve updated the galley with a few pictures from Teri’s red carpet arrival at the Emmy’s. You can view the pictures here. If you have any pictures/video of Teri at the Emmys and would like to share it, send an email to terihatcheronline@gmail.com.

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Emmy Presenter

Teri has been named as a presenter for the Emmy’s. You can see them on Fox this coming Sunday (Sept. 16). She will no doubt look beautiful and you can see all the pictures (pre-show, red carpet, after party, etc) here as soon as we get them.

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Sneek Peek of the Season 3 DVD Box Set

THO has been given the opportunity to offer a look at some of the goodies on the upcoming boxset. I’ve debated on whether or not to put them all up at once or spread it out over a couple of days, but since I can’t be sure if I’ll even be home to update every day, I thought it would probably be best to do it all at once. Before we get to the videos, you can see the cover art hereGabrielle is shocked to hear that Bree opted not to test drive her fianc

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