Gallery Update

I’ve added more pictures to the following albums: Shrek the Third Premiere, Letterman appearance, Desperate Housewives Season 3 Promos, Tele Magazine

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Glamour Magazine Article

I have part of Teri’s stint as editor transcribed but I wasn’t sent the full thing. If anyone has the February edition of Glamour and wouldn’t mind either transcribing the missing pieces and/or scanning it, I’d be forever greatful.You can find what I do have here

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Glamour Column : “Single time is a gift “

I’ve added Teri’s Column from Glamour Magazine to the press archive. You can find it here

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Gallery Update

I’ve almost finished uploading my backlog of pictures to the gallery. I’ve uploaded everything I have except for stuff from magazines and anything from the last month that I have. I’m hoping to use a large portion of my weekend for adding everything I have sitting around (pictures, videos, etc) to the site. But for now there are new pictures in the following albums:Burnt Toast Book Cover, 2006 Hollywood Style Awards, Felicity Huffman’s Book Signing, The White House Correspondent’s Dinner, Jimmy Kimmel, Misc Burnt Toast book signings

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New Pics

Teri was at the Glamour Woman Of The Year Awards. You can see pictures in the gallery.

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