New Pictures

Teri attended the All-Star Comedy Lineup to benefit the AmberWatch Foundation yesterday. I have added some pictures to the gallery.

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SAG Awards

I have added some new pictures of Teri at the Screen Actors Guild Awards!

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Message Board News

Some of you may have noticed the message board has disappeared. In a case of horrible luck, my email account (not the one list on THO) had a hiccup during a server upgrade and my host lost not only my emails but my entire email account. I had the goggle ad code for the site saved in a folder that isn’t there anymore and since this happened after the site was hacked and after I started upgrading scripts, I didn’t know until I had already upgraded the forum script and without the code up I can’t use the message board.Since we had so much trouble with spammers, I’ve decided that while I am going to bring the forum back, I’m going to go with a free message board for the time being. I have an account set up and just need to finish setting the board up. As soon as it’s ready I’ll let everyone know.

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Gallery Update

I’ve added several new pictures to some of the albums from 2006 and some icons I made a while ago.Icons + Carousel of Hope + Vanity Fair Oscar Party + Women’s World Awards + Make-a-Wish Foundation + 2007 Golden GlobesI also have pictures from the Resurrecting the Champ premiere at Sundance and I’ll be posting those tomorrow.

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Hatcher In Love With Longoria’s Ex

Hatcher In Love With Longoria’s ExWith her cast mates all becoming housewives, Teri Hatcher was the only one left desperate. However, the actress can now say that she is on her way to domestic bliss, by revealing that she is happy and in love with her new boyfriend. The formerly unlucky-in-love actress is dating director Stephan Kay, the man behind the horror film “Boogieman.”Hatcher told “Extra” at the Golden Globe Awards, “I’m not single anymore. I’m totally in love and it’s fabulous.” The mother of one gushed about her new love, saying, “”I will just say that he’s the most beautiful human being on the planet.”Kay is the former boyfriend of newly engaged star Eva Longoria. The stunning star’s rep denied any ill-feeling about her co-star hooking up with the director in November, saying, “Eva and (fianc

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