Hatcher turns agony aunt

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star Teri Hatcher has signed a deal to act as agony aunt for readers of British women’s magazine Glamour.The 41-year-old will offer words of wisdom to readers with relationship problems in the glossy publication’s February (07) issue.Hatcher established herself as a lifestyle guru when she published her successful self help guide BURNT TOAST: AND OTHER PHILOSOPHIES OF LIFE.

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More Icons

I have just added a few more icons. I should have some DVD captures for my next update. Don’t forget to take part in the birthday project if you haven’t already!

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The stars of TV hit DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES have become so close they’re sharing boyfriends – TERI HATCHER is dating EVA LONGORIA’s ex. Hatcher recently confirmed she is romancing her co-star Longoria’s ex-boyfriend, director STEPHEN KAY. But the new romance only came about after Longoria, who is back with on-off lover TONY PARKER, gave the pair her blessing. A spokeswoman says, “Eva and Tony have never been happier together and Eva wishes the same happiness for Teri.” The hook-up means all the Desperate Housewives stars are now taken – NICOLLETTE SHERIDAN is dating crooner MICHAEL BOLTON, MARCIA CROSS recently wed TOM MAHONEY and FELICITY HUFFMAN has been married to WILLIAM H MACY for nine years.

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LiveJournal Colourbars

I have added a new section for LiveJournal Colourbars. If you have a LJ, you know what these are. You can add them to your user info page. More things will be added to the site soon!

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Lois and Clark Screencaps

I have added more screencaps from Lois and Clark. These are from the episodes 1.18 Vatman and 3.05 Just Say Noah. More will be added soon!

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