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SITE: Lack of updates is most likely going to continue for a while longer. I’ve lost interest in Desperate Housewives this season and as a result I’ve not been keeping very up-to-date on all things Teri. My interest in Teri has not waned but seeing as how most of the news about Teri is directly tied to DH, it may appear that way. The only thing I can say is bare with me as I work my way through my non-interest. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any updates, there will be but they will most likely center on gallery updates and things that don’t really pertain to DH. Sorry.

GALLERY: I’ve finished capping Season 2 of Lois and Clark and am now moving on to Season 3. After that I’ll be redoing the MacGyver caps since the dimensions somehow ended up being stretched.


2.18 Tempus Fugitive
2.19 Target: Jimmy Olsen
2.20 Individual Responsibility
2.21 Whine, Whine, Whine
2.22 And the Answer Is…

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New Layout and Gallery Update

GALLERY: After much slacking off I’ve finally added more Lois and Clark screencaps to the gallery.

Gallery Links:

2.12 The Eyes Have It
2.13 The Phoenix
2.14 Top Copy
2.15 The Return of the Prankster

SITE: You’ve noticed the new layout no doubt. It (and the gallery one) was made by Cristina of Hollywood Designs. We’ve also got a new video archive layout coming soon too.

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First Annual Noble Awards Photos

As you know a few days ago Teri was at the First Annual Noble Awards. I had to search like mad to get the pics and my god friend John sent them to me so thanks so much. I have added 15 to the Gallery.

You can view the pics HERE

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6×04 – The God-Why-Don’t-You-Love Me Blues – Sneak Peeks

Hey we have 4 wonderful DH previews! I am so happy i found them on time.

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Updates. Updates. Updates

Sort of a scattered update today

GALLERY: I debated about posting these images because I don’t post paparazzi pictures and these have a decidedly paparazzi feel to them, plus Teri isn’t working. I went ahead and added them to the gallery anyway but don’t be surprised if one day I remove them. The pictures are from the Malibu Triathalon. I’ve also added pictures from 2 Desperate Housewive Press Conferences (’07 & ’08). You can find them here and here. I’ve also added more pictures from the Netflix Live concert and the Tribeca Film Festival.

I’m also going to be added a mod to the gallery script so things will most likely look a bit hinky if you happen to visit the gallery while I’m working on it. I’m going to try and finish it as quickly as possible to minimize any chance of you encountering any problems.

SITE: First of all you may have noticed a new name popping up on the updates. Helen is our sorta brand new co-web. RL has been crazy for a while now (hence lack of frequent updates) so hopefully this will help keep THO up-to-date.

I’ve also finished the new layout minus one small detail. You’ll notice the empty space where latest images is. That will be filled up once I added Stramm to the gallery. But other than that the new layout is finished. Up next – new gallery layout.

MEDIA: I’ve added a brand new media section. I got rid of the old section and added a youtube clone so you can add your own videos now. Go visit it here and join. Once you’ve joined you can add videos but you don’t have to join to view anything. I’ll be adding a category for fan made videos soon.

I think that’s it as far as useful updates goes. I’m going to try and finish most of this before the premiere of Desperate Housewives on Sunday but everytime I say something like that, I never end up finishing on time. Anyway, take a look around and let me know what you think.

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