New Layout

We have a gorgeous new layout made by Purple Haze Inc.. I asked for something fun and not only is it fun but it’s bright and cheery as well. I think this is my favorite layout the site has ever had. The only thing is don’t click on the network icons, they don’t work yet so nothing will happen.

Once again I forgot Desperate Housewives was on so the screencaptures will be late again. Just bear with me as I try to remember it’s on each week. I fear I’ll finally remember it’s on when the season is almost over.

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Server issues

You may have noticed the site either redirected to a completely different site or just didn’t exist for a while. We had server issues and the site had to be restored from the lastest backup. Everything but the last two updates are back but I’ll work on getting those up asap. It was mostly screencaps and season 8 news so it won’t take long to reconstruct.

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Staff needed

I’m looking for one or two individuals that would be interested in helping keep Teri Hatcher Online up-to-date. It won’t require a lot of time, only 1 or 2 updates a week. Mainly I need someone who would be able to post news, but if anyone wants to help with pictures, screencaptures or videos that would be welcomed as well. If you’re interested, send an email to


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Updates on Hold

I’m going to hold off on any updates until the first of the year. I’ve gotten behind on a lot of things this past week because I couldn’t use my computer. I live in CA and we got slammed with rain which, among other things, caused my roof to leak right over my computer so I couldn’t use it. I’ll be back January 16th with a catch up of everything I haven’t gotten to yet.1

By Krystle on December 27, 2010 under Site1 comment

Gallery Update

I’ve been going through my files and I’ve added a bunch of pictures from older events to the gallery. Check the latest uploads link to see them.

By Krystle on June 17, 2010 under Gallery, Site0 comments

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