Host Closing, Site Moving

Hi everyone!

I have some bad news. My current host is closing down on Monday and I’m going to have to find a new place to host this site. I’m working on finding us a new home but there might be a bit of downtime until that happens. There wasn’t a lot of notice so I worked as fast as I could and now I’m just waiting to hear back from several different options to see if I can get the site moved. I had hoped you wouldn’t notice the move but since I’m playing the waiting game I thought it was best to give you guys a heads up. The site will be accessible through Monday and then again once it’s hosted somewhere via the current URL. I’m so sorry for the downtime you’ll experience (if you experience any).

Make sure you follow Teri Hatcher Online on twitter @TH_Online for all the latest updates on the move.

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Lack of Activity

I’m sorry for the lack of activity you’ve seen coming from THO for the past couple of months. I moved, have been working like crazy and have lost a lot of my motivation for the site. I still love Teri so hopefully I can get back to updating at least semi-regularly soon.

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New Layout

I’m terribly sorry for the lack of updates for the last couple of months but I’ve, sadly, lost my motivation for working on the site. Don’t worry it’s not going anywhere and I’m trying to get my motivation back. Hopefully changing the layout and updating it will kickstart it.

I;m still transferring photos from Teri Hatcher Web. I’m almost done, just have events photos left.

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New Content Coming

I obviously didn’t get around to updating when I got back from vacation. So sorry about that. There’s going to some new content showing up shortly. Sam, from Teri Hatcher Web, is closing her site and letting me merge the content with this site. I’ll try to get that up quickly, mostly because I’ll be spending a long weekend in Vancouver shortly for VIFF (Vancouver International Film Festival).

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On Vacation

I’ll be on vacation from now until August 31st. There won’t be any updates during this time but when I get back, I’ll work on adding anything I missed while I was gone.

By Krystle on August 21, 2012 under Site1 comment

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