Lois and Clark Screencaptures Complete

I finally finished making screencaps of Lois and Clark. I’ve added the last 6 episodes to the gallery and that completes the entires series.


4.17 Faster Than a Speeding Vixen
4.18 Shadow of a Doubt
4.19 Voice from the Past
4.20 I’ve Got You Under My Skin
4.21 Toy Story
4.22 The Family Hour

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TNAOS Season 4 Screencaptures

I added screencaptures from episodes 9-16 to the gallery.


4.09 Ghosts
4.10 Stop the Presses
4.11 Twas the Night Before Mxymas
4.12 Lethal Weapon
4.13 Sex, Lies and Videotape
4.14 Meet John Doe
4.15 Lois and Clarks
4.16 AKA Superman

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TNAOS Season Four Screencaptures

It seems quiet around here but I actually have been doing some work. Season 4 of TNAOS is completely capped and I’m sorting and uploading them. Today I added episodes 1-8 to the gallery.


4.01 Lord of the Flys
4.02 Battleground Earth
4.03 Swear to God, This Time We’re Not Kidding
4.04 Soul Mates
4.05 Brutal Youth
4.06 The People vs. Lois Lane
4.07 Dead Lois Walking
4.08 Bob and Carol and Lois and Clark

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LnC Season 3 Screencaptures

You can now find screencaptures from all of season three in the gallery.

Lois and Clark: TNAOS > Season Three

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Site Annoucement

SITE: Lack of updates is most likely going to continue for a while longer. I’ve lost interest in Desperate Housewives this season and as a result I’ve not been keeping very up-to-date on all things Teri. My interest in Teri has not waned but seeing as how most of the news about Teri is directly tied to DH, it may appear that way. The only thing I can say is bare with me as I work my way through my non-interest. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any updates, there will be but they will most likely center on gallery updates and things that don’t really pertain to DH. Sorry.

GALLERY: I’ve finished capping Season 2 of Lois and Clark and am now moving on to Season 3. After that I’ll be redoing the MacGyver caps since the dimensions somehow ended up being stretched.


2.18 Tempus Fugitive
2.19 Target: Jimmy Olsen
2.20 Individual Responsibility
2.21 Whine, Whine, Whine
2.22 And the Answer Is…

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