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Teri was backstage with the cast ff Glee as they signed copies Of “Glee The Music Vol 1″ In Los Angeles. We have added pictures to the gallery.

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Coraline: interview Teri Hatcher

Q. What was it about Coraline that made you want to be in it?

What first came to me was the combination of Henry Selick and the script. That was enough in itself.

Q. Why do you think Henry Selick chose you?

I don’t know why he chose me; I must have been really lucky. And I don’t even want to know the list of names he had for that role, because I am sure there were many more important than mine. So, I don’t know how I ended up getting it, but I am just grateful that I did!

Q. Were you attracted by the idea of doing a triple character?

Yes, that was so interesting to me. I thought it was a great opportunity to do that much on my first animated movie.

Q. How do you see Coraline’s “real mother”?

I see her first as overworked, maybe a tiny bit distant, and just exhausted and frustrated, probably not the most nurturing, loving mother in the world. It was hard for me to understand her because I am a very nurturing, hugging and loving mother. So, taking those qualities away from her was work for me, as it is such a departure from who I am in real life.

Q. Who is the “other mother”?

She is lighter and just wants everything to be perfect. And rather than being vacuously perfect, I tried to make her come from this place of wanting to be loved, but with a reason –which ultimately I think she has.

Q. And then she turns evil.

That’s because she doesn’t get what she wants, which is when she realizes that her performance wasn’t good enough. Then she gets really mad and becomes an explosive monster.

Q. What significance do you see in the buttons instead of eyes that the characters -including yours- have in that “other world”?

I think of those buttons as things that are closing you off and trapping you, really.

Q. How was the experience of working on your first animation movie?

It was fun to focus all my attention into my voice, and I feel blown away by the experience. But, as I didn’t know what it was going to look like, I was very excited when I saw the trailer for the first time with my daughter in a theatre. Continue…

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6×04 – The God-Why-Don’t-You-Love Me Blues – Sneak Peeks

Hey we have 4 wonderful DH previews! I am so happy i found them on time.

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Teri Hatcher throws garage sale

Teri Hatcher has hosted a garage sale at her Hollywood home to raise money for charity.

The Desperate Housewife sold clothes, purses, her daughter’s old toys – and even a pair of stylish boots autographed by her co-star Eva Longoria Parker – and raised 20,000 dollars for various causes, reports People.

“You get motivated by the giving – I can’t wait for the next one!” said Teri.

Guests, including actress Jane Lynch, paid 50 dollars to browse through Teri’s belongings while munching the cupcakes and sipping the coffee she’d laid on for shoppers.

Teri – who revealed her 11-year-old daughter Emerson came up with the idea of a garage sale – is giving the money raised to Aviva Family And Children’s Services, Casa Pacifica Centres For Children And Families and Westside Food Bank.


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Deleted Scene: Susan

Hey i found a new video of Teri on a deleted scene of DH! Check it out here!

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